Cateva alternative la aplicatia Facebook pentru Android

Aplicatia Facebook pentru Android se misca cam greu,in special pe device-urile mai slabute(pana in 512 ram si procesor cu un singur nucleu sub 1ghz)
Mai jos aveti o lista cu cateva aplicatii ceva mai bune.Eu unul folosesc Friendcaster,iar inainte am utilizat ceva vreme FastForFaceBook.


Friendcaster offers a beautiful interface, lots of unique features and push notifications.including…

★ Full news feed

★ Quick access to posting status updates, photos and videos
★ Comment on and like posts

★ Zip It - hide posts by user or application
★ Saved Posts - save your favorite posts to check out again later 

★ Six beautiful themes

★ View your friends check-ins, either in a list or map

★ Displays your full size cover photo on the app opening screen

★ Support for multiple accounts

★ Hi-res photos directly in the news feed

★ Quick and easy setup assistant for notifications

★ Designed specifically for Android
Friendcaster at Google Play


With Atrium for Facebook you’ll stay connected, discover what’s new, and keep up with your Facebook friends, all from a single app. Its clean, cutting edge UI design combined with blazing fast performance make Atrium one of the best Facebook apps currently available for Android. Come on out and give it a try! We promise you'll love it!
• Instantly see who's online on Facebook;
• Explore your friends’ profiles, including photos, videos and timeline;
• Access your groups and pages;
• Share status updates, photos and videos;
• Get notified when friends like and comment on your posts;
• View hi-res photos directly in the news feed;
• One-click access to comments and likes in the news feed;
• Send instant messages to your friends (even when they are offline);
• Express your emotions with cool smileys and rage faces;
• Quickly access your complete Facebook chat history;
• One-click access to your most recent conversations;
• Check-in at interesting places all around the world;
• No additional fees, 100% free!
Please visit our website or use a built-in contact form on the app settings screen to send us your questions, comments and feature requests!
This app is not owned or operated by Facebook.

Atrium at Google Play


Over than 1 million people downloaded Fast! But What is Fast for Facebook?Fast is a new and free android client to manage your Facebook account: Fast is born from the idea to give a great experience even to the less powerful device! After many Updates, it is a Facebook client with low battery and bandwidth consumption and a unique user interface. It is active only when you want. No hidden services or annoying notifications. Ad free version: features:
• Access to Facebook News Feed
• Send and share contents
• Read notifications
• Read and send private messages
• Chat
• Search friends, people, pages and everything else
• View Albums and download photos
• Access to Groups and Pages
• Background themes (grey, white or pictures loaded from your Device)
• Widget and quick links
• Optional Security pin against snoopy
• Optional Push Notifications Add-on (available on Google Play)

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