Root+CWM+Instalare Inspiration Rom V12 pentru Samsung Galaxy Ace PLus(GT-S7500)

Pana in clipa de fata,dintre toate rom-urile existente pe internet pentru Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus S7500 acesta este cel mai bun.
Telefonul este cel de aici:
NOTA:A aparut o versiune mai buna de Rom aici.Procedura ramane aceeasi de mai jos dar cu pachetul nou

Multe au fel si fel de bugg-uri chiar si cele pe baza de Android 4(probleme cu camera,wifi-ul etc)
Cel pe care il gasiti aici nu are bugguri existente si merge OK,nu pot sa zic ca e super bun ci doar bun.Are la baza Android 2.3.6
Eu unul dupa instalare am scos lock-erul lor si folosesc cel cu patern.
Mai jos aveti o lista cu features:

  • Based on Stock Rom(Gingerbread 2.3.6)
  • Pre-Rooted with BusyBox, Chainfire's Superuser & Chainfire's SU Binary for Better Rooting Experience
  • Blackburner's Non-OC Kernel for Stability & Performance
  • Deodexed so that you can get ICS / JB Experience
  • Removed Bloated Apps Shipped with Phone
  • Sound Enhancement with Beats Audio, XLOUD & MegaBassBeats for Ultimate Music Experience
  • Bravia Engine 2 for Improving Photo Quality
  • Init.d Support, Init.d Tweaks, Build.prop Tweaks for Improving Performance of Phone
  • OnDemand Governor Tweak
  • CronMod A2SD++
  • Adobe Flash Player 11.1 for Improved Flash Experience
  • Improved Audio Quality for Crisp Sound Quality
  • ZRam Compression (64MB), Adrenaline Boost Script to Freeup More RAM
  • Kernel Tweaks for Better Kernel Performance
  • Custom Boot Animation for Increasing Awesomeness of Rom
  • DroidWall Firewall for Saving Your Data Plan by Blocking Apps from Accessing Internet
  • CRT-OFF Animation for making Lock Screen Fancy
  • JB Style Date & Time, 14-Toggle Mod Status Bar, Carrier Logo at StatusBar Bottom to Keep You in touch with ICS/JB
  • Transparent Notification & Pulldown Background, Transparent HomeScreen Status Bar
  • Blue Colored - Toggle Icons, Status Bar Icons, LockScreen Clock, Status Bar Clock for Even more ICS/JB Experience
  • New Black & Blue Themed User Interface
  • Swipe to Remove Notifications
  • Android Lag Reducing Tweak
  • Signal Tweaks for Better Signal Strength
  • Google DNS for Faster Internet
  • Added New HD Wallpapers, New Toast Notification Background
  • Circle Battery Percentage to Keep You Updated with Battery Status
  • Settings & RecentApps Shortcut on Status Bar for Reducing Your Efforts
  • Holo launcher & Holo Locker for More ICS/JB Experience
  • ICS/JB Themed Dialer, Alike Recent Apps, Icons, ProgressBar, Transitions, Sliders, Keyboard
  • ICS Style Settings so that the Settings Look more Organised
  • SuperCharger Script - So that you never go Out Of Memory and Low Memory
  • Zipaligned Apks', Defragged System, Improved Multi-Tasking for Snappier Performance & Faster Startup
  • Increased SDcard R/W Speed, Network Stability & Speed Tweaks, Scrolling Tweaks, to Save your Time
  • Camera Quality Tweaks & Increased JPG quality to 100% using Build.prop
  • Sqlite Tweaks for Improved Database I/O Performance
  • Improved Touch Responsiveness for more Snappier Performance
  • Battery Saving Tweaks for Extended Battery Life
  • GPS Configuration Tweaks (India) so that you can Search Yourself Faster
  • All the System Apps Updated to Latest Version so that the Rom can stay Healthy
  • AdAway AdBlocker (V2.1) so that Annoying Ads can be Kept Away
  • Thinkfree Office Pre-Installed to bring Office at your Palm
  • Play Store Updated to V4.1.6
  • Maps Updated to V6.14.4
  • Voice Search Updated to V2.1.4
  • Youtube App with Download Option
  • Some More Theming Stuff & Performance Tweaks

Download aiciINSPIRATION ROM V12

Pentru a incepe instalare mai intai vaeti nevoie ca device-ul sa fie rootat iar CWM sa fie instalat.


Pasul 1:
Descarcati cele 3 arhive de mai jos

  • CWM Recovery For Galaxy Ace Plus S7500.
  • Rooting Package For Galaxy Ace Plus S7500 (
  • Odin 3.07 

  • Pasul2:
    Opriti telefonul si puneti-l in Downloading Mode apasand in acelasi timp Power Button+Menu Button+Volume Down Button

    Pasul 3:
    Conectati telefonul la calculator.

    Pasul 4:
    Deschideti ODIN 3.07.Daca ati facut totul bine pana aici,sectiunea ID:COM ar trebui sa fie galbena

    Pasul 5:
    Apasati tabul PDA apoi alegeti clockworkmod- 

    Pasul 6:

    • Apasati START
    • Asteptati ca procesul sa fie gata,Veti stii asta in clipa in care sctiunea ID:COM va fi verde afisand mesajul PASS
    • Deconectati telefonul de la PC(deja ati instalat Custom Recovery)
    • Apasati in acelasi timp Power Button + Home Button+ Volume Up + Volume Down Button  pentru a intra in Recovery Mode.Acum apasati butonul de meniu
    • Dezarhivati ,conectati telefonul la pc si rulati runme.bat
    • Dupa ce procesul este gata ,reporniti telefonul si veti observa ca aveti instalata o aplicatie cu numele de Superuser 
    Procesul de rootare este gata.


    • Copiati arhiva cu rom-ul de pe pc direct pe cardul de memorie al telefonului
    • Intrati in Recovery Mode
    • Faceti un back-up complet(Nandroid Backup)
    • Wipe Data / Factory Reset, Clear Cache & Dalvik Cache
    • Select install zip from sdcard > choose zip from sdcard(alegeti arhiva cu rom-ul),apoi dati INSTALL
    • Asteptati ca instalare sa fie efectuata apoi reporniti telefonul.
    Pentru eventuale probleme sau nelamuriri lasati mesaj aici pe site sau pe forumul XDA

    3 comentarii:

    Unknown spunea...

    Nu merge, sau poate nu aplic eu bine. Tel.meu intra in bucla, l-am conectat si la ID-com era bleu. Acum sta si nu face nimic iar PASS nu scri. Ce fac?

    Unknown spunea...

    Aplicatia ce se deschide nu e ANDROID+SLP, ci ODIN3 Model name :)

    Michael T. spunea...

    Salut. Nu prea inteleg ce vrei sa spui dar GT-S7500 vine in 2 versiuni, Daca ai unul din Spania s-ar putea sa fie GT-S7500L , iar ROM-ul nu este compatibil. Daca ai GT-S7500, atunci ai gresit undeva. Aceasta metoda am folosit-o de multe ori si pentru diverite rom-uri si niciodata nu a intrat in boot-loop

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