Cum poti sa faci update de la Motorola Droid la Android 2.1

Desi s-a lansat de cateva saptamani, update-ul pentru Motorola Droid (la Android 2.1) este putin cunoscut de utilizatorii acestor smartphone-uri.

Pentru o mica parte a posesorilor de Motorola Droid, update-ul a fost anuntat printr-o notificare, dar cea mai mare parte vor trebui sa faca update-ul manual, daca doresc acest lucru.

Cum faci update manual de la Motorola Droid la Android 2.1 (en)


How to Manually Update Droid to Android 2.1

1. Download the Droid Android 2.1 update from any of these links. download link

2. Rename the file to “” if it isn’t already. (Note that if you’re using Windows, just change the name to “update” — without the quotes.

3. Put the file in the root (aka main folder) of your microSD card.

4. With your Droid turned off, hold down the letter “x” on the keyboard and then hold down the power button. You should soon see a triangle with an exclamation point inside.

5. Now for the tricky part. Press the volume up button and the camera button at the same time. (This usually takes me a few tries.)

6. You should now be in the bootloader. Use the D-pad to choose “update from .zip file” and choose the update. Let things run their course.

That’s it! You should now be updated to Android 2.1. Congrats!

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